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The owner of Quantum Light Lounge is Penny Whife – A Clinical Nurse of 12 years, with experience in a range of Nursing environments including Primary Health Care, Remote Nursing, Community and Palliative care, Emergency, Corrections Environments, Clinical Recruitment and Co-ordination of International Patients for Surgery.

Penny is proud to have worked with some amazing organisations such as St John Ambulance, Silver Chain, The Australian Defence force and WA Police as a Civilian Nurse. Penny prides herself on having kindness, integrity, compassion, a strong foundation of health care knowledge and the ability to think outside the square.

Penny gained a Bachelor of Science degree in 2011, and has worked in the Heath and Wellness industry for 30 years. With a Diploma in Herbal Medicine, studies in Aromatherapy, Massage and Phytotherapy, she has reached Master Hypnotherapist level and her curiosity leads her down many paths of study. She has a keen interest in anything Medical, Quantum Physics and the Mind body connection.  Penny’s dream is to one day complete a PhD – focusing on the effects of holistic care on mind and body.

Penny believes in a holistic approach to health, where body sovereignty is paramount – Utilising Western medicine and complimentary treatments in union – to achieve wellness.

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